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Circular Workout Motivation

I'll just jump right into it: Why does it cost so dang much to get fit? Or at least, to workout with any kind of seriousness. Gym memberships are hundreds of dollars a year and they're just hoping you don't actually make the trip over to them. So, if you're like me, you start looking at options for home gyms.

But what the heck? If I want more than just one weight, I'm starting to look at the same kind of prices if not more. The thing is, I used to work out in high school. A lot. I want to get back there, but I had a home gym back then. Assembled over the years, it came to have everything that I needed. Looking at buying my own as an adult, it's a little painful looking at jumping back in with everything I once had.

Thus, the title. There's a circular motivation in that I want to put that frustration into exercise, but I am then reminded of the prices, and then have frustration, and hopefully you can see my issue. For now, I guess it's a lot of running and moving my own bodyweight around. Here's hoping black friday this year means I can set some new years resolutions and keep them.

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