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What's Your's is Mine (Or So They Think)

Today's rant goes out to all of those people that believe the world is their's and everything the light touches exists to serve their goals.

I started my day at the local laundromat. It's nothing special, and I don't honestly expect anything special from a laundromat. I was about to pass by the sign saying no dogs allowed, when something caught my eye. Someone had taken the time to write out their opinions on how dirty they believed the laundromat to be. On the sign.

Now, I won't lie and say this laundromat is always the cleanest. (People coming into the laundromat inherently bring dirt etc in with them). However, reading this note made me look around and realize that it could be a lot worse. And it certainly wasn't worth taking the time to write out a note about it.

But what really irked me was that this person had written these few sentences on this laundromat's own sign. I don't know that I could ever claim to feel high and mighty about what I'm writing if I'm writing it on a faded laundromat sign. There's just something...uneven about defacing someone's property to comment on how much filth others have left behind.

I don't know. The other side of things is wondering what that person gets out of this. Are they the hero of their own story because they wrote a passive-aggressive note on a faded sign on a laundromat? Take your wins where you can I suppose.

End of day, there's much healthier and better ways of sharing your frustrations. (Like posting about it in the forums *wink*)

I've included below a rendering of what I believe this person looked like writing their note:

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