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Isn't It Ironic

So this story starts with a new pillow, or rather, the necessity for a new pillow. I'll be the first to admit that I sleep hard, which is my (according to me) funny way of saying I'm rough on pillows. They tend to break down into mangled balls of lumpy nothing by the time I get a new one. Not sure how I do it, never really tried to figure it out, but it is what it is.

So my last pillow, now somehow feeling both flat and mountainous at the same time, started circling the drain. It was time for a new one, as my neck was starting to suffer. Knowing how I am, I walked down the aisle of cheap pillows at the store, testing each one, feeling for a connection saying that it might be the one for me. The right firmness, durability, and that certain something indescribable. Of course that ended up being the priciest one but such is the way of things.

My first night with that pillow started with bliss. Reclining onto a new pillow is something magical, and I was ready to drift off in minutes rather than my usual hour. And so I did. I slept through the whole night, I dreamt, I had no pains.

However...there was a problem...

All that sleep amounted to nothing. I hadn't woken up all night, but I felt as if I had never slept. I ran out of energy far earlier than I ever had before, and not even a slow petering out. This was a full-on crash. Unfortunately for me, this was only the beginning. This past week has lent me some of the worst sleep I've had in a long time.

So, I see it as irony. I buy a new pillow for better sleep, and immediately have some of the least effective sleep possible. For those who want to causate with their correlation, no I don't believe the pillow to be the cause. Like I said, this was truly deep and long sleep. I normally wake up a few times and have far more trouble falling asleep. I've determined other, far more likely, factors behind this phenomenon. But man, you don't realize the effect bad sleep has on you until it's hitting you.

I'll try another week with this pillow and see if I keep facing the same problems. I really hope I don't, but be prepared for the fury of buying a pillow only to have to buy another one. Till then, goodnight.

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