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Welcome to The Daily Rant!

This is the place to share all of those small frustrations that make you grit your teeth or throw your hands up in frustration before you move on with your day. I noticed in my personal life that sometimes these frustrations kept adding up, often without me even realizing it. I've tried other sites for free writing, but they tend to focus on far more serious topics and my petty squabbles often got cast aside.

That's why I started this site! Now, when I'm stuck behind someone who doesn't know how to turn when there's a gap in traffic, I'll add it to a post here. Despite what the name implies, there's no guarantee that something will mildly tick me off every day. However, I'm not putting aside that possibility (I work in retail, drive a lot throughout the week, and deal with many things that tend to have small, frustrating pieces. In short, I have a big dataset to pull from).

If you feel like ranting about how you got called away right as you finished making lunch (or any other sign the world wronged you) feel free to post in the forums! There are some preset categories, including a miscellaneous category. If I end up seeing some repeated topics between posts in the miscellaneous category, I'll start a new discussion thread so everything can stay nice and organized! (Unlike my desk when I finally get time to work on my computer).

Enjoy and happy ranting!

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